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Smorgasbord of services fitting the right engineers to each job.


We make full-stack cloud, server, and mobile solutions using a variety of light-weight stacks and technologies that can solve any problem, and relies on proven middleware architectures to scale to meet any size.


When you need data available to anyone, on any open machine, including bad actors--and it still needs to be secure-- you need blockchain. We make sophisticated blockchain smart contracts that make business sense.


IoT is the blend of the sciences and design: we make the circuit board to solve the problem, run the right software on it, create the right apps, and then put it in a elegantly-designed container.


Sometimes you need mechanically powered apparatus and we make such machines that can be fully automated with robotics and/or connect to IoT, or purely mechanical. Either way, we can make that too.


A sampling of our growing project base. (We have many others on our collective resume.)

Blockchain Infrastructure

Industrial Lighting

Grow Room Automation

Agricultural Machines

Golf Putting Tech

Inspection App

Private Sharing

Our Diverse Team

Highly talented engineers with a mixture of experience and fresh energy.

Jason Henderson

Principal, Engineer

Andrew Porter

Apps & Blockchain

Greg Weisenfeld


Each project is analyzed and scoped to include additional engineers and scientists from industry and academia with the right skills and experience levels needed to deliver the best product for the lowest cost.

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